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MxMS: So many motherfucking beautiful doujinshi, so little time to save them!!

Get Set. Go!


I want to dress as Mello but…………I wouldn’t fit it because my face is too childish and Mello is totally masculine and serious.
I don’t want to ruin Mello’s image so the only version I could do, it would be child!Mello I guess.

MxMS: “I would sing you to sleep” - but you already do.


When I'm here no longer, you must be stronger.
'mcr lyrics are so emo and depressing'


oh yeah


so emo


so depressing


they’re such an evil band


demonic in fact


MxMS: Of course I would have nothing against it if Ray, Frank, Gerard and Mikey got together to create something new. But why don’t I long for it, crave MCR’s come back? Coz truth be told, I don’t believe something like that could happen. Yes, those four musicians can get together and perform under the name of My Chemical Romance - but it wouldn’t BE My Chemical Romance. As many of us believe - it’s not a band, it’s an IDEA. Simply getting the four together can’t replay what was created from that concept. Like in “The Light Behind Your Eyes” lines - When I’m here no longer / You must be stronger. My Chemical Romance is dead. Never to be reborn again. Gerard Way is not the same as he was when creating the idea.But what’s important is it’s spirit - and it’s still alive in records, music videos - and the fans.
If it was simply for the band existing, MCR couldn’t have changed myself as much as it did - they were already separate musicians when I discovered the band. But the idea got inplanted in me. Because it’s alive in the albums, in the music, in the philosophy and the fandom.
I know I am simply one from many but MCR is the only (paradoxally - non-existant physically) place I feel at ease, at home, filled with hope.
MCR will never get back but that’s not a bad thing in my opinion.

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Disclaimer: I thought Teen Wolf and True Blood were the same thing for a while.